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Top 8 House-Hunting Mistakes - Yahoo! Real Estate – realestate.yahoo.com

Some practical advices for home owner want-to-bes.

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The Facts About Bottled Water – pixlmonster.com

Bottled water IS convenient sometimes. But at what cost? And how does it compare with tap water? This info-graphic tells the story.

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New vs Old Good Faith Estimate | Rain City Guide – raincityguide.com

New GFE explained. Nice blog post.

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High-yield home improvements: looking to boost the market value of your home? The word is kitchens pay off; pools don't. Here's why – findarticles.com

Some improvements are not going to boost the value of your home.

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The Top 10 places to retire Robert Powell - MarketWatch – marketwatch.com

A list of top 10 cities to retire.

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The 10 must-have features in today's new homes - MarketWatch – marketwatch.com

As people turn frugal and homes become smaller, these highly functional features that are sought after by a lot of homeowners.

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What is a Short Sale? — The Phoenix Real Estate Guy – phoenixrealestateguy.com

Short sale is an alternative to foreclosure on a property. Basically the owner would negotiate with the mortgage lender to work out this deal: I (the owner) will sell the home for less than the amount I owe you, and you agree to forgive the rest of the loan. This benefits the bank, the owner and the buyer. However there are things need to watch for.

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10 Best Cities for the Next Decade - Yahoo! Real Estate – realestate.yahoo.com

Another top 10.

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new-rules-real-estate-moneywatch: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance – finance.yahoo.com

The trend of real estate industry have changed, and these are some of the things that you have to know about.

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B. of A. Merrill calls housing bottom this year – marketwatch.com

Now we could really hit the bottom this year.

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How To Change a Lawn Mower Blade – youtube.com

Get your lawn mower ready for the summer time!

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The mistake that plunged my credit score 200 points - Life Inc. – lifeinc.today.com

Co-signing for someone may look like a good deed, but the consequence can be detrimental if they don't keep up with their obligation to pay.

It's never a good thing to co-sign for someone unless you are very rich and can afford to pay their debt obligation if they fail to do so.

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7 places you should be checking around your home - MSN Real Estate – realestate.msn.com

By identifying the problems earlier, you will save a lot of money avoiding spending it on major repairs.

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Werner MT-13 Aluminum Multi-purpose Telescoping Ladder – lowes.com

This is a nice little ladder with a great price at lowes.com. The price is even lower than the same item on Amazon.com.

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He's Taking Law Into His Own Hands To Help Broke Homeowners – online.wsj.com

With the economy soft and thousands of Philadelphians delinquent on their mortgages, Sheriff Green this spring refused to hold a court-ordered foreclosure auction.
The sheriff first made his mark in the foreclosure issue in 2004, when he noticed a spike in the number of delinquent properties the court was ordering sold. He postponed one month's auction and then went to Judge Annette Rizzo of the ...