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32 ways to save on groceries – bankrate.com

You can trim your food bill by learning these tips. Good read.

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Pro and con for tankless water heater – waterheatertimer.org

For most of the water heaters, when it reaches its 10 years of usage, the homeowner should start planning on replacing it. Tankless water heater has been advertised a lot lately, but does it live up to its hypes? Here is a comparison between different types of water heaters to help homeowners to make better decision to choose the next water heater.

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Where Home Prices Are Likely To Rise – forbes.com

Real estate and home prices in these cities might recover earlier than the others.

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Tax benefits of inheriting a home – bankrate.com

Inheriting a home versus receiving it as a gift.

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St. Paul Real Estate: Getting Legal advice – stpaulrealestateblog.com

Why you should have both a Realtor and an attorney work for you when buying or selling a home.

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Shadow inventory paints a more dismal outlook – marketwatch.com

If you look at the home sales figure this summer hasn't been too shabby. But we probably still have a long way to go before the housing market gets stabilized.
This article explains the "shadow inventory" that exists in most of the major cities. The number of the homes that are and will be in the market are much higher than most reports would tell you.
In short, too much supply.

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Earnest Money — What, why, how much? - The Phoenix Real Estate Guy – phoenixrealestateguy.com

A nice writeup about earnest money. A must read if you are first time home buyer.

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FBI warns mortgage fraud is on the rise - May. 13, 2008 – money.cnn.com

FBI officials Tuesday disclosed complaints of mortgage fraud are piling up at record levels this year, and appear certain to shatter last year's record.

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Fannie, Freddie and You: What It Means to the Public – finance.yahoo.com

A nice writeup about the recent government takeover of Fannie and Freddie.

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Where does your state rank? - CNNMoney.com – money.cnn.com

A map of U.S. states with unemployment, budget deficit and foreclosures information.

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The End of the 6% Commission: examining the National Association of Realtors and why Agents and Lenders are Going... – doctorhousingbubble.com

Long and insightful article. Do you agree?

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The Simple Dollar » Deconstructing Robert Kiyosaki – thesimpledollar.com

Whether you like "Rich Dad Poor Dad" or not, this is worth to read. Even more on the comments.

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Experts say Obama's foreclosure fix will work - Feb. 18, 2009 – money.cnn.com

Housing counselors and lenders both say Obama program is comprehensive approach that attacks root of economic crisis. But it won't help everyone.

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Best Basement Flooring Options – buzzle.com

One of the common problems of basement floors is the accumulation of moisture. Here are the tips for choosing the flooring for your basement.

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How to avoid buying a money pit – bankrate.com

The house you love may be a gem on the outside but a lemon on the inside. Here are some tips for ensuring your new home won't require ridiculous repairs.