Is this site really free?
Yes, it is 100% free.
Are you an agency?
No, we are not an agency and we don't represent anyone or any listings on our site. All we do is providing a user-friendly, 100% free real estate listing site for home sellers, real estate agents, private landlords, commercial property managers to market their properties online and for house hunters and renters to find their homes through this site.
Who can use this site to post real estate ads for free?
Homeowners, landlords, property managers, real estate agents/brokers and people seeking roommates to share a house can use this site for FREE.
Do I need to register?
Yes. You only need to register if you want to post your real estate ad on Your email address and a mobile phone number with texting service enabled are required to complete your registration.
Why do you need cellphone verification for new account?

Your new account with has to be verified with your mobile phone number and email address. This step is to ensure that everyone posting on our site is a legit poster, and prevent fraud.

We will not send you unsolicited text message or share your phone number with any third party.

I don't have a mobile phone / I don't want to give out my number / Texting does not work, what do I do?
You can email us at We'll be happy to manually verify your account and activate it for you.
How to post my ad?
Click on "Place an ad" located on top of the screen and follow the instructions. Once your ad is posted, you can access it anytime through your account to update or remove it.
Why do I want to hide my address?
We recommend you to hide your property address to protect your identity. Since your property is advertised online, anyone with Internet connection will be able to copy your information and repost a fake ad on some other sites. Although we do our part to make sure that is free of scammers, other websites may not, and are beyond our control. So, by hiding your actual address, you can better protect yourself on the web.
How long will my ad stay "live" on
Technically your ad will stay "live" for a period of 60 days once it is posted on During that period, you can remove your ad earlier if your property has been taken/sold. You will be able to extend your ad one week before the expiration date. An email reminder will be sent to you then.
How to update/remove my ad?
Log in to your account first and then you will be directed to "My ads" page. Click on the "Edit" link to update your ad or "Remove" link to delete your ad.
In general, follow these steps to update your ad:
  • Log in first
  • Click on "Edit" on the ad that you want to update
  • Click on "Update ad" function on the right hand corner of your ad
  • Make changes to your ad, and then click "save and next" to proceed (note: All mandatory fields in green color must be filled out, otherwise an error message will show up to tell you what needs to be fixed before you can proceed)
  • Finally click on "Finish" to update your ad instantly
How to renew my ad?

You will have the option to extend your ad one week before its expiration date. We will send an email reminder to you during the renewal period. The email will have a link for you to extend your ad for another 60 days period or until you remove it.

All ads are running in 60-day cycle. We will eliminate old ads every cycle, which means unless you extend your ad, we may remove it when it is up to the 60-day period. There will be no charge for extending your ads and literally we will let you run your ad until the property is sold/taken. Just be sure to manage your ad through your account, or we will remove it when it expires.

How to update my flyer?
Your flyer is created based on your ad details. So, if you want to update your flyer, you must first update your ad details. After you have updated your ad details, proceed to click on "my ad flyer", and then click on "delete" to delete the old version of your flyer before you attempt to create a new flyer. Sometimes your browser "caches" the old version of your flyer and the updated information will not show up on the screen unless you "refresh" your browser or close and open a new browser to see the updated changes for your flyer.
How to add photos to my ads after I have posted it?
Login to your account and click on "Edit". Choose the "Update ad" link to update your ad including the step for adding photos to your ad.
How to upload my virtual tour or video?
To upload your virtual tour to your ad page, you need to have the embedded code for your video or slide show. First of all, you will need to create an embed code by taking the following steps:
  • Upload your video clip/photos to a video sharing site.
  • Once finish uploading to one of those video sharing sites, you will have the embed code ready for you to upload to our site. Note: You may want to save the embed code in your computer for later use if you don't upload it to our site right away.
  • To add a virtual tour to your ad, copy and paste your embedded code in the "Add Virtual Tour" page.
How to contact the person who posted the ad?
If the poster's email address is visible/available, you can email him/her directly or you can click on Contact ad poster link located on the top right corner of the post to email the ad poster.
How to remove my account?
Login to your account first, and then click on "Settings". You will be able to remove your account there.
What is "Flag this ad" for?
It is used as a "penalty marker". If an ad is not right for reasons including but not limited to being placed in the wrong category, has false or misleading information, is offensive or a spam, our viewers can flag the ad to have it reviewed by our editor. Please use it responsibly.
Why I couldn't find my ad?
Your ad should be "live" for the initial 60 days period after you posted it. But if you didn't extend it at the end of that period, it would be automatically deleted from our site.
What can cause an ad to be disapproved?
An ad can be disapproved for any of the following reasons:
  • The photos in the ad are black out.
  • The ad is repeat.
  • The ad contains self-portrait, business logo, inappropriate images,and etc.
  • The ad is misused to promote someone's business or services, e.g. a loan officer promotes his mortgage business through this site.