Anti-Spam Policy aims to provide the best web experience to our users and maintaining high quality and relevancy is always our most important goal. We create this policy to provide awareness to everyone who uses FindMyRoof. And together, we can make this site a valuable real estate resource.

What we like:

  • Informative and up-to-date real estate ads that help you and our visitors.

What we don't like, in general:

  • Ads that are not valuable to our visitors.

Specifically these are the guidelines:

  • An ad must be for a specific property and/or location. Do not advertise a business, service or product.
  • Your ad must not include self portrait photo, company logo or image.
  • You must not post duplicate ads to draw hits.
  • You must not post fake ad to bait and switch.
  • Your ad must be removed promptly when your property for sale or for rent has been sold or taken.
  • You must understand the "Fair Housing Act" (you can find it here) and the housing laws in your local jurisdiction before posting your ad. Any ad that contains discriminatory housing preference is illegal and will be removed promptly.
  • Your property must be in the United States. All foreign property ads will be removed promptly.
  • You must have a valid U.S. contact for your ad.
  • You must not use our online contact form to spam.
Any post that is considered spam will be removed promptly and as a result your account will be suspended.

Everyone can help

Report it

Each ad has a "Report it" link. Using this link you can report the ad that violates our Anti-Spam policy.

Email us

You can always email us.

In addition, what we don't do:

  • Re-submit your ad to a third party web site or service.
  • Represent any ad poster.

Just a few more words for ad posters:

Being the nature of the internet, your ad on FindMyRoof can be viewed by anyone with an internet connection. Unfortunately scammers can also use your information to pose as legit owners and try to steal from people. We try to protect your information as much as we can but how the rest of internet works is completely out of our hands. If you are not comfortable with this please do not post your property ad here. Thank you for understanding!