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3918 Greenspring Ave

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This is a beautiful 3Bed 2Bath investment property. It is located in the Greenspring area, slam in the middle of all the colleges. Minutes away from Metro station.Minutes away from Greenspring shopping area. Move in ready! The property was being rented out 2 months ago! The property has multiple investment probabilities. Let me explain,

$. Buy property at 82k. Instantly make money by renting it out. Easily charge 1400$ a month for rent. Thats not the only thing! The property is in a neighborhood that is gaining MASSIVE value. So the rent, sit, and wait option could get you paid big time in 5 years. Let the property pay for itself, make and few 100's monthly! If only you had 10 of these properties. Some people do😍! Then sell it in 5 years for 2 times of what you paid!

(I shouldn't be telling you this, people sell this information)

$. Again the neighborhood is gaining value. The houses are valued somewhere between 122k to 140k. Depending on how updated the home is you should be able to get 134k for this home! This is the other investment possibility. You buy the home at 82k invest 13k in updating and finishing basement! Sell this "investment" property to a "home buyer" ! Boom make and easy 30K+.

This is how the investment game goes! I'm just the guy who bring you the investment properties!

This a wholesale deal and CASH ONLY
Easy flip for new investors! Quick flip for Experts!
Call Me at 4436832527. Ask Anything,

Also have more Move in ready properties priced under 70k,
Have fix and flips priced under 25k.
Don't hesitate to call if interested in investing in Real Estate.
Great starting Property

Property Information

Asking price:$75,900
Close to:Falls Road
Address:3918 Greenspring Ave
Zip code:21244
County:Baltimore City
Sq. footage:2090
Year built:1920
Interior: Hardwood floor
Kitchen & dining: Refrigerator
Exterior: Fenced backyard Deck Front porch
Community: Close to park Public transportation
Represented by:Owner
Contact name:Cory Clarke
Contact phone:4436832527

Property Photos

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