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We buy houses in any condition, any price range, anywhere in the US. We are professional house buyers and we can buy your house now for cash, fast! Depending on your needs as a seller and the condition of your property, we can make you an offer in as little as 24 hours and pay you all cash.

Unlike other ?We Buy Houses? type of brands, NTSMHF focuses on 5 core values:
1. Win-Win or No Deal: Never take advantage of people in a position.
2. People Before Profits: Treat homeowners with dignity and respect.
3. Save Not Sell: Only buy the house if there is no other way to save it.
4. Go The Extra Mile: Help homeowners solve more problems.
5. Have No Secrets: Be transparent with the homeowner even if it means ruining the deal.

If this is your situation we can help:
Damaged Homes - Behind on Payments - Pre Foreclosure - Relocation - Retiring - Tax Liens - Estate Homes - Vacancy - Divorce - Expired MLS - Inheritance - Loan Modification Denied - Bad Tenants - Bad Realtor - Bad Neighborhood - No Offers - Death in the Family - Bankruptcy - Job Loss - Owe More Than Is Worth - Relocation
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Monthly rent:$1
Zip code:30302
Represented by:Owner

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